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Episcopal criticism of the Francis papacy agenda is increasing


Episcopal criticism of the Francis papacy agenda is increasing and becoming more vocal each day while heading toward some kind of climax.

Now a faithful Dutch cardinal is bluntly blaming Pope Francis' Amoris Laetitia for 'fracturing' the Church. Yesterday, orthodox (faithful) U.S. Catholic Bishop Thomas Tobin revealed

 a logical serious outcome of the new emphasis on 'conscience' over doctrine by the bishops and cardinals who support that emphasis in Amoris.

An African cardinal has also weighed in, decrying the preoccupation with homosexuality and allowing communion for the divorced while the Churches in the developed nations are emptying and dying.

Cardinal Walter Brandmüller is not holding back any more about the gravity of current developments as he declares normalizing "emergency" exceptions allowed in Canon Law is a "wicked trick."

Not just the Catholic Church, but all that is left of Christendom is in great danger as Catholic Church leadership continues to go off the rails.

Many Christians around the world, regardless of theological differences, have relied on the Catholic Church to be the main moral force in the world defending life, the family and basic Christian moral teachings. No more. Under Francis that has radically changed. Priests such as Fr. Martin,the very liberal and obscenely wealthy German bishops and many more feel that they can now say and do whatever they wish because they have the support of the Francis papacy.

LifeSite readers are among the most informed in the world on the issues that we cover. Sadly, we only reach a tiny percentage of the Christian world population, leaving most of the rest very much in the dark about what is really happening. Still, we have been remarkably successful thanks to the freedom of the Internet and our exceptional use of social media. However, all that is being deliberately changed for the worse.

The Internet content giants were horrified that they facilitated the true democracy that resulted in the election of Donald Trump and many other Republicans during the last election. The public no longer relied upon the controlled mainstream media channels to receive and send information. It was revolutionary. Hillary Clinton was supposed to win. It was all rigged towards that outcome - or so New World Order elites thought.

Now Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter and Apple are determined to prevent such freedom from being available again to undo their globalist desires and plans. Censorship and discrimination against conservative websites, services and prominent persons is being ruthlessly implemented. We must oppose this abuse of economic clout and call for regulation of these information monopolies. More will be said on this in the future. In the meantime, American or not, contact the White House and express your concern about these authoritarian measures by the Internet giants.

If you did not read yesterday's story by Michael Brown on this alarming trend, please do so today.

Steve Jalsevac
Co-Founder and President

March 8th, 2018

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